Her fame as an elegant dancer did not only begin with her time with Fred. It all happened as a flapper girl in her stage debut as Texas State Charleston champ at the tender age of 14 in 1929. Her fame shot up from there.

Her bubbly Texan personality often shone through the Hollywood screen, as a comedy expert or an elegant beautiful vixen all rolled into one. Her timing and spunky personality are often impossible to forget. In my opinion, she was at the height of perfection teamed with Fred Astaire, even though at the time, she was tired of being type-cast as Fred’s dancing partner, and not as a serious method actor. The charming, carefree and sometimes feisty character being portrayed, complemented the elegant, decadent yet quirky, talented Fred.

You certainly do not need to have been born in the 20s to have a bit of Ginger Rogers in you. We can certainly rub off some of her 30/40s elegant, perfect styling with a bit of planning. Without the need to raid a vintage store, or antique store, you certainly don’t need to spend top dollar for the real vintage clothing from those eras. The authentic clothing from that time is now been regarded as being close to antiques, the prices for them have rocketed due to the celebrity influence and the fashion catwalk paying homage. Even if the purse string is not your prime concern, the sizing of the vintage clothing of the time, could be an issue. It is common to find very small sized vintage clothing, because back then, the majority of people were under weight since the end of the war.

So how can we aspire to Ginger without going a la vintage? First we need good, well supporting underwear. Spanx and balcony bras will create the shape and curves you desire, or you could never imagine to have. Having good, supporting under garments is a good starting point to creating streamlined silhouettes and perfect postures.

Quite often in these movies, you will see Ginger wearing a simple, pencil skirt and top, yet she looks marvellously stylish. The key to this is down to her art in the use of accessories and the shape and cut of these clothes. Choose a pencil skirt that is high waisted and just sits at the smallest part of your waist, and always choose a skirt that has lots of stretch to the material. The skirt must be knee length or just below the knee to stay true to the era. Team this with a cotton crop top and low heeled court shoes and you have a 30s siren in the making. If skirts are not your thing, Ginger was often seen in stylish wide pants, again, use supporting underwear and go for a high waisted cut. You will be surprised just how easy it is to transform into a vintage siren.