Today, the Argyle pattern can be seen in almost all pieces of clothing. And although designers have stuck to the diamond pattern, they have experimented on different color combinations and materials. Aside from socks, this classic, traditional pattern can be seen in caps, shirts, pants, and leggings.

If you brush your fingers against Argyle socks, you’ll notice that some parts of the pattern bulge outward. This is because these foot coverings are made of three overlapping layers, which give the design its distinguishable lozenge pattern. The first layer is the background color, the second layer is where the diamonds are located, and the third layer is the result of the imbrication of the first and second layers.

Just like any socks with patterns, there are different ways to wear a pair of Argyle socks. If you have just bought a pair of these socks and need help in styling, here are a few suggestions.

  • Japanese School Girl Style
    If you love wearing mini skirts, you can try wearing your socks following the Japanese school girl style. This style goes well with knee-high Argyle socks. To pull off this look, raid your closet and choose the most fashionable skirt and top, wear your socks, and then slip into a pair of comfortable flats. You can braid your hair or let it loose the way Japanese girls do.
  • Blair Waldorf Style
    If you want a more sophisticated look, you can unleash your inner Blair Waldorf and go for thigh-high Argyle socks. Blair Waldorf is one of the main characters in the hit series Gossip Girl. She loves to wear leggings and thigh-high tights. You can emulate her style by wearing a classy skirt, an equally sophisticated top, a handbag, a pair of Louboutins, and your Argyle socks. Instead of heels, you can try to experiment with wedges and flats.
  • Preppy Style
    If you wish to go for a more refined look, go for the preppy style. Combine your favorite bright-colored shirt with a plaid skirt, a comfortable pair of shoes, and your Argyles.