• Colours
    One thing that’s great about jeans, and indeed, denim in general, is that it can easily be dyed lots of different colours to suit the seasons and also, the wearer. For example, this year coloured jeans have proven to be extremely popular amongst people of all ages, with reds, blues, purples, whites and even greens proving to be the most popular colours. While different colours are always popular in the winter, such as dark reds, browns, oranges and blues, coloured jeans are a great way to brighten up the otherwise dull winter palate and bring some much-needed colour into our wardrobes.
  • Styles
    It’s not just the colour of jeans that have evolved over the years, but also the style, as people can now choose all sorts of styles and fits of jeans to wear. Everything from straight leg, to boot cut, to bell bottoms, to flares, to skinny jeans, to ultra skinny jeans and even regular straight leg jeans are on offer to every consumer. Which style you choose obviously depends on your preferences, but in the winter styles such as mens and womens skinny jeans work very well with boots and wellies, and can also be very flattering.
  • Customise
    Another great thing about jeans is that they are very easy to customise and make your own. So, if you don’t want to buy another pair of coloured jeans you can easily dye an existing pair of yours the exact colour that you want them to be. You can also add other subtle differences, such as adding embroidered patches, buttons, badges and other materials to make them stand out. If you have a pair of ripped jeans, make the rip a feature by making it larger, or even adding other rips in the jeans to compliment it. Studs and spikes are also extremely popular additions to add to jeans an clothing this year, so why not be a bit more daring and for something a little more punky?