• Tailor It: Fit and cut is important with anything you wear, it is even more paramount when you wear white. The definition and lines that tailoring gives, adds to the look and helps to give off an even more flattering silhouette. When tailoring your white items keep in mind the sharp outline of a tuxedo.
  • Mix and Match: Feel free combine hues, for example merging different shades of crème. A lilly white pants suite with an ecru blouse is very suitable and adds a bit of variation. There are also no rules against the fabrics you choose. With the cooler weather, we typically pull out the heavier more textured fabrics. Look for furs, wool, knits, silks, and heavy cottons to be on the safe side.
  • Pick A Theme: Cast yourself as the lead in your very own movie. Become the snow queen with a fur cape or a pure white over coat with a fur hood or a Disney Princess with a slinky satin cocktail dress with a long hemline. Adding a theme helps with having you white washed look to be understood and gives you a point of reference for proper pieces to create the desired outcome.
  • Take A Ride On The Slopes: Think Aspen with this look. Puffy vest, ski hats, cable knit and wool jackets. Layering is essential to getting this look right

If you are not yet brazen enough to take part in monochromania, pair your whites with gold or black to keep the white washed effect you are going for, but to have some balance. Gold looks great with white, it comes off very luxe. With adding gold to your outfit, stick with your accessories and jewelry or the embellishments on your ensemble. When choosing black as your other color, make sure white is the primary hue. You can pair with black boots or accent the look by wearing gloves or a scarf.