If you are a plus size woman you don’t have to be harrowed anymore that they don’t make good plus size dresses. Visit any store or just browse online to any fashion clothing website and you will have a vast array of beautiful dresses to choose from. However there are still special colors, prints and cuts which will flatter you plus size better. The safest choice to choose from in terms of colors is black. Black is beautiful and helps camouflage the problem areas effectively. Black along with purple, green, red and similar dark shades are your best friends in terms of highlighting your curves and giving your body a good shape.

In terms of cut; the purpose should be to take away attention from your problem areas, which are usually thighs, arms, buttocks and waist. The best cut for plus size dresses is the empire cut, which draws attention to the bust area and the rest of the dress flows away from your body. If your arms are a problem area, opt for sleeves or a dressy cardigan that will show off well-shaped arms. Opt for a deep V-neck or a halter neck on as many outfits as possible as these cuts suit this size the best. If you like wearing skirts, opt for pencil skirts, which end just around your knees and in darker shades. Pair the skirt with a blouse or top that ends midway at your buttocks so you don’t draw attention on your butt but also show off your curves. If you are in to pant suits then go for the tapering kind at the bottom, avoid wide flare at the bottom however a boot cut is a good idea.

When it comes to prints; it’s usually best to stay away from flowers and other patterns on dresses, opt for vertical lines that will add to you height and draw attention away from the width of your body. Try to go for bolder color blocking prints on the fabric rather than soft colors. These will accentuate the part of the body you want to flaunt especially if you team the dress with a thin belt just above your waist.

Not to forget is be confident about yourself and love your curves. Show them off and flaunt your body. Confidence and your belief that you are sexy will take you a long way in being the sexy diva that you are. Pair your outfits with the right kind of shoes, preferably heels, as they would add inches to your length and make you look slimmer. Accessorize appropriately, avoid chunky jewelry and keep it simple. As long as you know what suits your body type and what to stay away from you will not go wrong with your outfit.