For simplicity I shall consider four general categories of people who I consider to be the most opinionated on the subject and who contribute most to the debate. I have intentionally left out the medical profession.

  • Women who love heels. Most women have an interest in shoes but it is well documented that for some women high heel shoes are an obsession. Many theories have been put forward to explain this behavior. From personal experience I can say that women who have a passion for heels simply love wearing, owning and collecting heels and do so with a joy that adds an extra dimension to their lives.
  • Women who detest heels. These women are as passionate in their belief as their heel loving sisters. In general they find heels degrading to their sex and consider wearing them as an unnecessary, uncomfortable and painful betrayal of their gender. It must be mentioned that neither of the above groups are likely to have their opinions changed, each believing the other to be mislead.
  • Men who love heels. Many men are attracted to heels. Usually this is a sexual preference or an unconscious reaction. This attraction is considered normal by both men and women but as it is sexual in nature it can in some men lead to an obsession that may develop into a fetish.
  • Lastly men who cannot understand why women attach so much importance to shoes of any type and are shocked at the amount of shoes a women owns and how much she will spend on a pair of quality heels.This group does not tend to contribute anything worthy of debate.

The fact that an item of clothing could arouse such extreme emotions would normally seem absurd. In the case of high heel shoes I am not in the least surprised as heels have always held a special place in the heart of many women. There is no doubt that wearing heels is detrimental to your health and that an obsession of any type by definition is not normal behaviour but in the case of high heels there is an element of mystique and sexuality that is unique and unexplainable.