Instead of wearing a thick and heavy woolen jumper, invest in a few thinner but warmer layers. Work your way up starting with thermalwear as the base layer. From then onwards opt for natural fabrics such as cotton or cotton blends that will let your skin breathe. Choose stretchy T-shirts or polo necks to keep you cosy.

Top it off with a cashmere or mohair layer. These lovely natural materials are so light yet so very warm, and look great. Another feature is their versatility. A simple jumper or cardigan can be dressed up or down with jewellery and accessories such as scarves and shawls.

Make sure your top level layer is easy to remove. Ideally, it should feature buttons or a zip so that you can slip it on and off easily when splitting your time between the indoors and the outdoors where temperature levels can vary greatly.

Lower Body

Instead of bringing heavy trousers, pack tights and leggings or lighter trousers to pair with them. This simple layering trick is one that most ladies in northern climates will admit to over the winter months. It’s amazing how much difference a pair of tights can make. For evening hours, you can throw a light skirt on over the leggings, or a jumper dress for a classy, French chic look.


If you can get away with bringing just a single pair of leather boots, that will save you so much space. Just make sure they’re fully water-proofed and treated for salt that gets scattered on pavements to dissolve ice. Ideally, bring some polish along. It’s lighter than an extra pair of boots!